Relaunch, rebrand and awards!​​

Relaunch, rebrand and awards!​​

On 3 March 2023 St Neots Initiative are hosting their Relaunch Dinner at Wyboston Lakes. Following a restructure to the organisation and its sub-groups the special event will bring the people of St Neots together to celebrate the work St Neots Initiative has done, what is currently underway, and the focus of the organisation’s aims for the future.

Chair of St Neots Initiative, Alex Hughes said;

“It has been a long uphill climb, to re-energise St Neots Initiative and bring our values and aims bang up to date. To reflect our new, fresh approach to making St Neots a better place to live, work and play, we are proud to present to you our rebrand and relaunch event! The event is open to all and I am excited to see St Neots come together, once again.”

At the re-launch event, St Neots Initiative will be presenting two awards, the Sue Jarrett Award for Services to the Community, and the John Davies award.


Sue Jarrett Award

The first award is the Sue Jarrett Award for Services to the Community.  In 2022 Elaine Donaldson was the first recipient.  This award is open to individuals or groups who can demonstrate commitment, personal responsibility, their ability to give back to the community and recognised achievements.  For those that knew Sue Jarrett, she was able to demonstrate all these aspects in abundance and her enthusiasm rubbed off on others.  Please nominate your unsung heroes in the form below.


John Davies Award

The next award is brand new; the John Davies Award.  John has been a member of the St Neots Initiative for over 30 years, having served as Chairman for a considerable time.  This was undertaken whilst he was in full time employment and not being a resident of St Neots.  John has a strong affinity with St Neots and what is community has to offer, despite the last few years health has not been as good as he would like, but still supporting the group in the background.  The St Neots Initiative are looking for nominations of people who may fit this criteria, who contribute to society outside of their normal working life.  Again we are looking for commitment, personal responsibility, demonstrate ability to give back to the community and able to demonstrate recognised achievements.



Nominating your unsung heroes

St Neots Initiative will review all nominations and the successful recipients will be invited to attend the dinner at Wyboston Lakes on Friday 3 March 2023, where they will be presented with an award and certificate to celebrate their achievements.

To nominate an individual/group is simple; please fill in the form below, giving some information about yourself and the person/group you are nominating. You can explain, in no more than 250 words why this person/group should be considered.

Please submit your nominations by Monday 18 February 2023.


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