St Neots Sports Collective

Sport holds a large part in the history of St Neots and is a key aide in pulling together communities with varying demographics in the locality.


The overarching mission of this collective is to make sport in St Neots more accessible to those it currently excludes and to ensure collaborative growth enhances the successes of local sports clubs. We have broken this down to 4 questions which we believe help us work towards our mission, these are as follows:



How much more success we could all have individually if we supported one another?

How many more opportunities could we offer the future generations to find their sport if we join forces?

In a mental health crisis could we offer an escape for those suffering?

Can we use local funding more effectively by working together?

In the next 2 years we aim to have gathered data from at least 51% of the local population to understand their engagement with sport in the local areas, understand the barriers in the way for them being able to fully engage and have 3, 5 and 10 year plans drawn up and adopted by the full assembly to combat the issues that the public and the individual clubs have.


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