Treasurer Role – Volunteer

Treasurer Role – Volunteer

Treasurer Role

St Neots Initiative


The Treasurer of the St Neots Initiative (SNI) plays a critical role in overseeing and maintaining the organisation’s financial health. This individual is tasked with developing and managing the annual budget, preparing and presenting financial reports to the SNI board, and ensuring compliance with financial regulations and laws, particularly in anticipation of acquiring Charity Status, which may introduce new regulatory requirements.


Overall Responsibilities:

Oversee the financial affairs of SNI, ensuring legality, constitutional adherence, and alignment with accepted accounting practices.

Maintain accurate records and implement effective financial procedures.

Monitor and report on SNI’s financial status to provide transparency and insight into its fiscal health.

Manage the production of necessary financial documents, including reports, returns, accounts, and audits, ensuring accuracy and compliance.


Specific Duties:

Liaise with committee members and volunteers to support the financial viability of SNI, offering guidance and insight into financial matters.

Educate committee members on their financial responsibilities, leading the interpretation and application of financial data.

Regularly present financial updates at SNI Management Group Meetings and the Annual General Meeting, covering topics such as the balance sheet, cash flow, and fundraising performance.

Oversee the annual budget’s production, advocating for its adoption at the appropriate financial year-end meeting.

Establish and maintain robust financial procedures and controls, including the management of cheque signatories and other relevant financial operations.

Evaluate the financial implications of plans, proposals, and feasibility studies to guide strategic decision-making.

Facilitate the selection and interaction with auditors or an independent examiner to ensure an impartial financial review.

Manage creditor payments and ensure prompt banking of debtor payments and other received funds.



Demonstrated knowledge and experience in finance, specifically relevant to voluntary and community organisations, including an understanding of the nuances associated with fundraising.

Proficient in bookkeeping and financial management, equipped with the skills necessary to oversee SNI’s financial operations.

Strong analytical skills, capable of conducting thorough financial analyses to support strategic planning and decision-making.

Excellent communication abilities, with a talent for clearly conveying complex financial information to individuals with varying levels of financial knowledge.

Industry: Community
Job Type: Volunteer
Job Location: Saint Neots

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