The St Neots Initiative is a unique organisation that is represented by a group of people who volunteer their time to promote St Neots. The group consists of various personnel from the private/public sector as well as those who represent St Neots Town Council, Huntingdonshire District Council and the Cambridge and Peterborough Combined Authority. Between them, they have significant experience and wish to utilise their knowledge by giving back to the community.


The organisation’s purpose is to drive social and economic growth for the town, making it an even better place to live, work and play.


St Neots Initiative has input into the St Neots Masterplan, taking into account feedback from its working groups covering Promotion & Tourism and Redevelopment, Transport & Environment and its Manufacturing Club.


The group is self-funding and receives no finance from public bodies. The management team are all volunteers, as are members of the working groups, so very little funding is required to run the organisation itself. However, financing is needed to meet several of its aims and to that end, we invite support from businesses/organisations with an interest in ensuring that St Neots continues to develop and thrive. 


Membership Options & Benefits


Are you a business owner looking to drive local social and economic growth? If so, the St Neots Initiative membership is for you!


As a member of the St Neots Initiative, you’ll be joining a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to making a positive impact on their local area. By working together, we can support each other and drive growth in our businesses and communities.


As a member, you’ll have access to a range of benefits and resources that will help you succeed. These include networking opportunities, business advice and support, and access to decision-makers for the economic growth of the town we all build in.


Most importantly, you’ll also be part of shaping the future of St Neots, by contributing to discussions and decisions about local issues.


In addition to the benefits you’ll receive as an individual member, your membership will also support the work of the St Neots Initiative in driving local social and economic growth. Through our programs and initiatives, we aim to create a thriving and vibrant community that is attractive to businesses, residents, and visitors alike.


So why should you join the St Neots Initiative? Here are just a few reasons:

Connect with other like-minded individuals and businesses, and build valuable relationships

Access resources and support to help your business succeed

Be part of shaping the future of St Neots and driving local growth

Support the work of the St Neots Initiative in driving social and economic growth in the community


Join the St Neots Initiative today and take the first step towards making a positive impact on your local community and your business. Together, we can create a thriving and vibrant St Neots for everyone.


Our membership follows a simple model and a flat yearly fee is all we ask for based on the size of the organisation:

£200 – Under 9 employees


£500 – Under 30 employees


£1000 – Over 30 employees


£0 – Not for profits and education


Paid annually, invoiced.


All income is directed at St Neots Initiative assets and projects that continue to increase the value of living, working and playing in the town for all of us. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

Have your say in the future of St Neots. Join today!

Any questions?

If you have any questions about membership please contact us.

Subscriptions are reviewed at the St Neots Initiative Annual General Meeting.



If you do not wish to become a member but would like to make a one-off donation, please get in touch with us to discuss.